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Terra provides a portfolio of secure investments on various scales

Terra is a one stop solution from planning to management

  • Distressed Property Management

    Hotels & Resorts are very complex and they are structures that live and breathe, thus managing them from an office is usually one of the key reasons of why they are distressed. Terra’s tactics involve managing the resorts from within, reaching into operations and performing tasks with employees to truly understand problems as well as find cost effective and innovative solutions. All of our associates have extensive operations experience and understand the living structure that a hotel or resort is down to its singular cells.

  • For whom?

    Terra can manage distressed properties for 3 different type of stakeholders: 

    • Owners    
    • Banks    
    • Funds  

  • How do we do it?

    Step 1:
    After a site visit and a thorough analysis of the property there are 3 options for the property depending on the owners wishes.

                          1. Buying the property through Terra’s portfolio of investors and funds
                          2. Renting the property
                          3. Managing the property in the name of the asset owner

    Step 2:
    Once a financial strategy has been chosen, Terra will immediately embark on turning the property around. With Terra’s quick decision tactics and personal involvement in all aspects of operations an immediate improvement can be seen and felt. With no time to waste when starting on a new project Terra do the following:
    • Terra will refurbish sections or the whole property as required. With architects, designers and engineers on the team third parties are not involved, thus Terra is able to ensure homogeneity and success of its product while being cost effective.
    • Operations will be restructured and key personnel will be evaluated and accordingly re-positioned.
    • We will apply the Terra Management Technique with real time financial statements.

    Step 3:
    Once the property has gone through its transformation and is now a success story, Terra will provide the owner a platform where the property can be sold or kept in the portfolio as a cash cow under Terra’s continued management.

  • Terra Management Technique

    The Terra Management Technique is a unique technique that Terra has perfected over its history, it is unlike traditional management styles and focuses on empowerment and team work. Its main characteristics are comprised of the following:

    • We do not have any general managers; the general manager is made up of a team of leaders who make collective decisions.
    • We provide a profit share for every employee of the hotel & resort
    • We source all of our products from their origin and eliminate intermediaries
    • TABERNUS – Terra’s own property management software that provides real time financial statements
    • We work with a young senior level workforce
    • Our motto “the impossible is often the untried…"

  • Criteria

    In order for Terra to be able to deliver its promise of success a set of criteria has been established that all Terra properties require. These criteria have been founded through the 30 years of Terra’s experience of what can realistically be achieved. Terra’s honesty and directness is one of its key characteristics consequently Terra will not sign a project where it cannot guarantee that at least the minimum targets will be met.

    • Location – the location of the property must have aspects that Terra can convert into unique selling points. Conditions will include criteria such as distance from airport, distance from beach, natural landscape, surrounding neighborhoods, weather temperature etc.
    • The resort or hotel must be a minimum of 100 rooms. Properties between 60 and 100 rooms might be considered if they have very unique aspects or it is in a prime location.
    • The property must be a minimum of 4 stars or 3 starts that has the potential of being converted into a 4 star with a refurbishment.

  • Targets

    Today’s world is as fast paced and changing as it never has been before, hereby investments with quick, secure and substantial returns for all stakeholders are favored. Subsequently Terra has set minimum targets that all of its projects must meet:
    • A minimum of 30% GOP
    • A turnover time of 2 to 4 years
    • An increase in property value