Your Distressed Property Management Specialists

Terra provides a portfolio of secure investments on various scales

Terra is a one stop solution from planning to management

  • Development

    TERRA International is a global hospitality related real-estate development and distressed property management company. We specialize in giving our clients a complete package, where every issue from procuring the land to successfully managing the resort or hotel with our unique management system allows the owner to have real-time updates on their property.

    Our expertise is in delivering a complete platform with a concept and design idea that is followed through the whole project and, gives the end product a strong red line that can be seen in every detail of the product.

    TERRA’s team and network includes every type of professional that is necessary for a successful project. By hiring TERRA the need to hire an architect, a contractor, a designer and a management company separately and subsequently ensure that they work in unison becomes redundant. Our worldwide network allows us to deliver high quality at a low cost and our management expertise allows us to deliver every detail on time with the utmost workmanship.

  • What is Unique?

    • We target an GOP of more than 30%.
    • We offer an A to Z package - and deliver to meet the highest expectations.
    • We create unique lifestyle concepts that do not only osund lavish but, also actually appeal to the customer segment.
    • We give owners a tool that allow for real time financial and operational insight into the property; waiting for financial forecasts and Profit & Loss statements are a thing of the past with Terra.

  • Phase 1

    • Benchmarking & Market Study
    • Life Style Design
    • Concept Development
    • Feasibility Study
    • Master Plan
    • Business Plan
    • Exterior & Interior Design
    • Architectural Conceptual Design

  • Phase 2

    • Development Permit
    • Architectural Execution
    • Construction Permits

  • Phase 3

    • Off Plan Sales
    • Preparation of Sample Rooms
    • Construction of Residences
    • Preparation of Sales Brochures
    • Preparation of Legal Agreements
    • Marketing
    • Negotiations with Agencies
    • Sales Presentations & Negotiations

  • Phase 4

    • Construction
    • Tender Documents
    • Construction Supervision
    • Procurement (FF&E)
    • Interior Design Execution
    • Completion of Project

  • Phase 5

    • Pre-opening
    • Operation of the Project
    • Resort/Hotel Management

  • Our Commitment

    The development of a new (mixed-use) resort or hotel is dynamic in nature, as well as a complex undertaking – it combines multiple layers of diverse, professional structures that must be developed and integrated into the main frame. This can present multi-faceted issues and challenges for owners, operators, lenders and builders. Only experience – combined with skills and innovation – provides the expertise necessary to navigate through such complexities and challenges to deliver a project with optimum design and efficiency, which withstands all guests’ demands and anticipations within the cost parameters that enable operational success.

    TERRA has produced numerous market, feasibility and situation analysis studies, as a solid base for business and conceptual strategy plans. Our involvement in the development process ranges from participating in pre-assembled groups, to engaging and coordinating a compatible development team typically comprising of architects, civil engineers, contractors and designers that effectively deliver a turnkey product.