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Amount: € 134 M

Country: Grenada

Status: Planning

Opportunity: Project Acquisition


  • Revenue Model: Sale & Lease Back
  • Villas: 22
  • Facilities: Restaurants, Bars, Beach Club
  • Other: Marina
  • Concept: Sustainable Island Resort
“Secret Harbor’s” concept is a combination of serviced luxury villas and a first class marina set in a 12 months operating tropical resort with supporting concepts to enhance the attractiveness.

Based on an old legend of the origination of Grenada, the Secret Harbor concept envisions harmony through polarity, which fuses the independent and free marina life with the sheltered and vibrant island style together in a unique and perfect way. The property development offers its residences all the exclusiveness, the rewards and grandeur of marina living without sacrificing the vivacity and effervescence of a chic island way of life. Based on the concept philosophy and core description, the marina resort with its highly exclusive 22 one-of-a-kind villas elevates the act of relaxation into a fine art. Understanding the affluent customers’ needs, shares are also offered to the residents of one of the properties yachts and sailing ships, transforming life into a long weekend. 

The concept elements are carefully selected and complemented with further detailed program concepts for a life-enhancing experience. The harmonic polarity of fire and water is reflected through luxury living on land as well as on board with high level of comfort and superb services set in lush gardens intertwined with water features or set on water with sparkling fire features.

Having a philosophy of complete transparency and 360 degree communication channels, we will continuously and persistently work to provide you real time updates concerning your investment. Should you like to take on the opportunity to invest in this project please do not hesitate to contact us.