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Amount: € 22 M

Country: Austria

Opportunity: Purchase or Equity

Status: Planning of Refurbishment


  • Revenue Model: Hotel Operations
  • Residences: 50
  • Facilities: Restaurant & Spa
  • Concept: Ski in & out luxury hotel
The Grande Dame and one of the most scenic of the Hotels in that region, was built in 1913 by Angelo Comini in the popular "Belle Époque" style and it was known under the name of “Villa Windischbauer”. Alfred Bally bought the villa in 1925, renamed it “Hotel Astoria” and made massive architectural changes. “Astoria” since 1937 has 6 floors and 50 rooms with a net area of 2.764 m2. The hotel is since 2002 under monument protection.

The renovation concept of the Astoria is to prepare it for a 12 month operation and convert the existing rooms into residences that can be split into hotel rooms and suites so that it can be applied to a sale and leaseback model.

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