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Monte da Quinta Resort going Green!

March 31, 2015
As consumers demand more eco-friendly vacation choices, our Resort is responding with energy-efficiency.

The hotel sector is energy-intensive. Using cleaner and cheaper energy sources will help to reduce operational costs and increase competitiveness and sustainability. With that goal in mind, we just installed a  solar power system, marking the hotel’s initial step towards generating clean, renewable solar power. This system will help reduce the CO2 emissions and the oil dependence.

Other environmental steps the hotel has taken include food composting and recycling, converting to CFL lights wherever possible and replacing garage lights with QL lights for energy savings.

These good practices are leading Monte da Quinta Resort to assure ecological sustainability, natural area management, operational costs savings, and quality ecotourism experiences.

Monte da Quinta Resort team is highly committed to environmental improvement and this was just a step in the path we want to walk!